Fysicon – The new modalities for Cardiology

Fysicon: a Canon Medical group company since 2018. With unique advanced technologies and clinical evidence in the field of hospital IT systems and workflow as the backbone of its business, Fysicon is well-known for developing and manufacturing product families such as cardiovascular monitoring systems and selling them globally. In particular, equipment for reading cardiac waveforms and analyzing cardiac function has been highly evaluated by customers as an advanced product with compact design and intuitive operability. Fysicon’s modalities will complement Canon’s Cardiac Portfolio.

Due to population aging, prevalence of cardiac diseases and abnormalities such as arrhythmia and myocardial infarction that have been increasing recently, are raising the importance of minimal-invasive treatments that minimize patient discomfort. A wide variety of diagnostic systems (such as X-ray angiography systems) are used as frontline support in such treatment.

QMAPP® Hemodynamic Monitoring.

QMAPP is designed, developed and manufactured in the Netherlands. QMAPP is designed to help you make examinations even more efficient, by housing all parameters in a front-end and making operation intuitive in order to make the workflow as optimal as possible.

In addition to monitor all vital functions, it incorporates 32 bipolar channels of intracardiac ECG. QMAPP is perfect- ly suited for use in hybrid labs, diagnostic and/or (intervention catheterisation labs during cardiac and radiology procedures. QMAPP consists of both hardware and software components.

More operational space and freedom of movement

QMAPP does not need forced cooling, making cross-contamination through this system impossible. The design is user-friendly and is connected with one single cable and fixated to the standard DIN rail of the X-ray or operating table, which increases the operational space and freedom of movement at the lab. A QMAPP amplifier is inter- changeable, just by disconnecting the cable, without any loss of examination data.

QMAPP and it features

QMAPP is a hemodynamic monitoring system equipped with a relational database, local storage, statistical analysis functions and extensive reporting options. It registers used materials and implants with a barcode reader. It automatically calculates all hemodynamic values you would expect from a hemodynamic monitoring system. Thanks to connectivity – such as a worklist, dosimetry data, export of a report (or parts thereof ), storage of the final report in your PACS and, of course in your EMR – You can integrate QMAPP even further into your depart- ment’s workflow.

QMAPP Reporting Module

The QMAPP Reporting Module makes a stand-alone hemodynamic measuring system “the heart” of a depart- ment-wide Clinical Information and Management System. Such a system handles the recording, integration, analysis and reporting of clinical processes. If you are searching for optimal performance and efficiency in your cath lab, you need detailed statistical information, which the QMAPP Reporting Module can provide you instanta- neously, so you are able to make the best decision. Various interfaces are available, such as for planning, inventory management, statistics, support of national database(s) and connections to HIS/RIS/EMR, among other things, using standards like HL7 and DICOM.

EVOCS® Medical Image Communication Solution for safe storage and sharing of me- dical images and reports between hospitals and health care professionals.

With EVOCS, medical professionals can save, evaluate and report a wide and diverse ran- ge of diagnostic information faster and more efficient. Patients can be treated or referred faster as images can be immediately shared with other specialists. EVOCS provides access to patient data from various information sources, such as PACS and the RIS Systems, and integrates these with (DICOM) modali- ties such as MRI, CAT/CT, DEXA, PET, X-ray, echo and electrocardiography.

DataLinQ® Cardiac Rhythm Management

DataLinQ offers comprehensive and integral management of pacemakers and other cardiac devices in one organised data management system.

DataLinQ offers integral management of pacemakers and other heart devices in an orga- nised data management system. DataLinQ provides structure for all pacemaker, ICD, loop recorder and remote device administration. It integrates a variety of data that comes from the various pacemaker programmers and remote monitoring systems into one powerful and organized database. This is an important improvement in efficiency that saves you time. Time that you can dedicate to those who really need you: your patients.


“ With the inclusion of Fysicon, Canon Medical now has a broad range of solutions to add real value to the services offered by the hospital.”

Eric van Antwerpen
Joined the Fysicon team in 1996 as freelance application specialist.
Before that he had been working as a radiographer, specializing in
angiography and diagnostic cardiac care for over ten years.